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A Sales & Use tax audit is an unsettling, time consuming, and one of the most irritating challenges for a multi-location tax leader. The events and documentation needed for a defense can be seemingly unending.

Tax Leaders Must Deal With

  • State auditors are trained to get as much information as they are able which leaves your organization at unnecessary risk.
  • Risk of over documentation can cause an extended and expanded audit.
  • Review of data including federal, state and local returns, internal ledgers, invoices prior to providing to auditor is crucial.
  • Internal employee turnover and a downsized team

As your sales & use tax auditor, we will provide a strong defense and prevent endless fishing by the state auditor. Our team knows what needs and should be provided and will protect your best interest.

Why Choose Us?

Its just a fact if you have a sales & Use tax audit, it is in your best interest to have representation.

Our Sales & Use team is headed under Ralph Pepe, a former tax -law specialist in the general counsel’s office of the Florida Department of Revenue. Afterwards, he joined the PricewaterhouseCoopers national sales & use team giving him national exposure. Ralph has been with us since the start and his experience and attitude is super popular with our clients.

Your representative must have the expertise to defend you.

A Team with this experience contributes to a faster, cleaner audit with results. The data is presented in a way that many times speeds up the audit process.

What do we do?

A review of all jurisdictional notifications and review with client.

A review of all jurisdictional notifications and review with client.

Review of exposure with client

The accumulation and review of the data needed to dispute audit.

There are various settlement procedures on going during the audit process. End goal is to minimize any liabilities.

Connect with an Expert

Our team has the experience and is built for high volume situations and can assist you with any crisis situation.