Total Business License Management

RTS provides behind the scenes 100% compliance for worry free license obligations. Partnering with you as you enter new markets.

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Accurate and timely filing of your tangible returns, assessment integrity check, and tax bill management by property experts.

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Sales & Use legal counsel experts specialized in negotiation, ready to protect your interest during unnerving audits.

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A Firm Dedicated to Retail Tax Compliance

 Specializing in Dealing with Multi-Location Tax Issues

A High Volume of Locations Brings:

  • A high volume of tangible returns.
  • A high volume of tax notices.
  • A high volume of business license applications and renewals.
  • A high volume of various tax bills.
  • A high volume of deadlines.

A HIGH VOLUME of OBLIGATIONS that must be met.

Our expertise will save you money
and keep you compliant.
Our team is on call
to assist 24/7.

High Level Overview of Services

Business Licensing Processing & Management

  • New Application Research 
  • New Application Processing
  • Renewal Processing
  • License Terminating
  • Compliance Analysis
  • Jurisdictional Research
  • On-Call License Assistance

Property Tax Compliance & Bill Management

  • Return Filing
  • Assessment Monitoring
  • Bill Payment
  • Processing
  • On-Call Tax Bill Assistance

Sales and Use Tax Audits

  • Use Tax Audit
  • Sales Tax Audit

High Volume of Locations equates to high volumes of obligations

A multi-location, high volume corporate tax program has unique challenges just due to the sheer volume of events. We can help.

Is your team drowning in a high volume of business license renewals, personal property filing deadlines and maybe even a sales tax audit?